Spotify Cover Tutorial

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01 – finding an image

Firsts things first is finding an image to use, now when it comes to using images for any project I’m doing rather it’s graphic design or motion design I always use unsplash, unsplash is a website with thousands and thousands of images and the best part is they are all free to use. I’ve provided the link to the image I used in this example if you’d like to use the same one.


02 – make your doc

I always make thumbnails like this 1000×1000, not too big and not too small. After you do this drag and drop your image.


03 – add some noise

Add some noise to your image to give it a more vintage look and feel. To do this, simple go to filter > noise > add noise. I did 5 in this example, the higher you go the more grainy your image gets but 5 is good enough.


04 – add your text

After this you’re pretty much done, just add your text and a color overlay if you want to make the image a bit darker. To do that double click on the layer in the layers panel, click color overlay and select black or whatever color it us you want to use and bump the opacity down to 35 – 20.


05 – all done

And that is how you make a quick and easy spotify playlist cover, you can download a free pack of spotify thumbnails here

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