Custom Icons


01 – Making your icons

First things first is making your icons, now I use Photoshop for everything but if you don’t have photoshop you can use free online alternatives. Or you can even download icons and images from google if you don’t want to make your own.



02 – Upload & copy

After you’ve made or download your icons you have to upload them to an image hosting site such as imgur, if you were to try and copy the icons from your desktop and paste them you’d get a broken link icon. After you’ve uploaded your file right click on the image and click copy image like you see below.



03 – changing your icons

Right click on the folder you want to change, click get info and then click the icon. You’ll know if it’s active because it’ll have a grey outline, now command + v on Mac or just paste your icon and boom, it’s that simple. I may offer custom packs soon that will have all premade icons and wallpapers for iMac and MacBook dimensions.


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