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Ever wondered how to change those basic blue folders into custom icons and images? In this quick and short tutorial I’ll explain how to do just that.

1. Creating The Icons

First things first is creating your icons. I recommend¬†using Photoshop, but if you don’t have it or do not want to pay for it you could look into GIMP. Read my designers resource guide here to find out where you can download icons.

2. Saving Icons

Make sure when you save your icons you save them as a PNG with the background layer turned off.

3. Uploading

Once you save your icons you’ll have to upload them to an image hosting website, I prefer Imgur.

4. Copy

After you’ve upload your icons, you’ll right click on the image and click copy image.

5. Changing Icon

Once you’ve copied the image you’ll right click on the folder you want to add a custom icon to, click get info, and then click the icon at the top left once and press command + v. And that’s it!

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